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Scraping the edges with Fire

K_chans Empire - Keeping the flame burning and moving

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Well hi there!
You are having the privillage, nay the honour of entering into K_chan's Empire of light, hope, and motivation - some of the many mottos describing how i live my life!

I've actually started this journal because i'm going to be in Japan for a year exchange and my friends (*waves*) naggled me to join so we could all keep in touch!
My interests are listed below, but I do want to say that I really like Japan, anime, manga, cosplaying, fishing, singing, dancing, acting, hanging out with da gang!...(*you know who u guys r!*)...and i've just ended up writing the same stuff cos i love doing it all!

Dancing within a flame that doesn't hurt but burns the brighest, this is where you will find me!
Cya` around!


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